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Part 12, Vols 43-48: Cultural History, 2nd series




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Volume 43. Kate Douglas Wiggin (and Nora A. Smith) Children’s Rights: A Book of Nursery Logic (1892)  & Horace E. Scudder Childhood in Literature and Art, with Some Observations on Literature for Children: A Study (1894)

ISBN 978-4-86340-108-2    504 pp.



[Wiggin Children’s Rights:] The Rights of the Child • Children’s Plays • Children’s Playthings • What Shall the Children Read? • Children’s Stories (Nora A. Smith) • The Relation of the Kindergarten to Social Reform • How Shall We Govern Our Children? (Nora A. Smith) • The Magic of “Together” (Nora A. Smith) • The Relation of the Kindergarten to the Public School • Other People’s Children


[Scudder Childhood:] In Greek and Roman Literature • In Hebrew Life and Literature • In Early Christianity • In Mediaeval Art • In English Literature and Art • In French and German Literature • Hans Christian Anderson • In American Literary Art • Index



Volume 44. Paul Leicester Ford, ed. The New-England Primer: A History of Its Origin and Development, with a Reprint of the Unique Copy of the Earliest Known Edition and Many Fac-Simile Illustrations and Reproductions (1897)

ISBN 978-4-86340-109-9    368 pp., 29 pl.



Introduction • Reprint of the New England Primer • Reprint of the New English Tutor • Reprint of Roger’s Exhortation Unto His Children • Cotton Mather’s Plea for Catechising • Clarke’s Saying the Catechism • Reprint of the Holy Bible in Verse • Bibliography of the New England Primer • Variorum of the New England Primer • Index



Volume 45. Montrose J. Moses Children’s Books and Reading (1909)  & Henry H. Vail A History of the McGuffey Readers (1910)

ISBN 978-4-86340-110-5    354 pp., 3 pl.



[Moses Children’s Books:] The Problem • The Rise of Children’s Books: horn-books, chap-books, New England Primer, etc. • The Old-Fashioned Library • Concerning Now and Then: the English side; the American side; the present situation • The Library and the Book: classification and characteristics of children’s books; the library, the school, the home – a plea for culture; book-lists and book-selecting; the experimental temptation • Book-Lists Published by Libraries • A List of Selected Books for Children • Bibliographical Note

[Vail Childhood:] The Books • The Authors



Volume 46. Rosalie V. Halsey Forgotten Books of the American Nursery: A History of the Development of the American Story-Book (1911)

ISBN 978-4-86340-111-2 • 256 pp., 24 pl.



The Play-Book in England • Newbery’s Books in America • Patriotic Printers and the American Newbery • The Child and His Book at the End of the Eighteenth Century • Toy-Books in the Early Nineteenth Century • American Writers and English Critics • Index



Volume 47. Caroline M. Hewins A Mid-Century Child and Her Books (1926)  & Alice M. Jordan From Rollo to Tom Sawyer and Other Papers (1910)

ISBN 978-4-86340-112-9    320 pp., 7 col. pl., ill.



[Hewins A Mid-Century Child:] The Child Herself • Her Books • Peter Piper’s Alphabet

[Jordan From Rollo to Tom Sawyer:] From Rollo to Tom Sawyer • “The Juvenile Miscellany” and Its Literary Ladies • Peter Parley • The Children of Jacob Abbott • Susan Warner and Her Wide, Wide World • The Dawn of Imagination in American Books for Children • Elijah Kellogg and the Elm Islands Boys • Horace E. Scudder, Critic and Editor • “Our Young Folks”: Its Editors and Authors • Good Old “St. Nicholas” and Its Contemporaries • The Golden Age



Volume 48. Edmund Pearson Dime Novels; or, Following an Old Trail in Popular Literature (1929)

ISBN 978-4-86340-113-6 • 290 pp., 16 pl.



Innocent Youth: the pioneer; the times; books and readers of the day; afloat and ashore; success; Beadle, the founder; propriety rampant; the imitators; a personal interlude; morals, morals; Beadle’s authors • Wild Days: the eighteen eighties; the detectives: Old Cap, Old Sleuth; Broadway Billy and Jack Harkaway; Deadwood Dick • Old Age: the menace of respectability; Nick Carter; Yale’s greatest hero; all the manly virtues; readers’ recollections; “But our hero was not dead!” • Appendix: comments on the illustrations • Index